The Beginners Bible in Pre-Cut flannel board stories

More Pre-Cut Beginners Bible Flannelboard Sets!

Use our custom Beginners Bible Flannel Boards for a great effect!

  • Hours of fun
  • Washable
  • Great for plane or car trips
  • Teach the Bible at a child's level
  • 6" figures
  • 3 - 4 scenes per set

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You will be delighted with these figures from the #1 selling children's Bible story book The Beginners Bible!

Taken directly from the stories in the Beginners Bible, these sets are great for bedtime stories, church or play.

Moses, Pharoah, The Burning Bush and the river Nile! 

Baby Moses

(shown with Beginners Bible Meadow/Sky Scene) 

only $11.95



Miracles of Jesus

(shown with Beginners Bible Meadow/Sky Scene)

only $11.95




 Daniel, Mishak, Shadrack, Abednego, Nebuchadnezzer, Golden idol and more!

Daniel in The Lions Den

(shown with Beginners Bible Meadow/Sky Scene)

only $11.95



Jonah & The Whale

(shown with Beginners Bible Meadow/Sky Scene)

only $11.95



Jonah & the whale, Ninevah and more!


David & Goliath, Jonathon, Saul

David & Goliath

(shown with Beginners Bible Meadow/Sky Scene)

only $11.95


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Meadow/Sky Mounted Flannelboard (14"x25") w/accessories



Meadow/Sky Unmounted Flannelboard (14"x25") w/accessories



Indoor Mounted Flannelboard (14"x25") w/accessories



Indoor Unmounted Flannelboard (14"x25") w/accessories



Countryside Accessories for 14"x25" flanelboard



Throne Room Accessories for 14"x25" flanelboard



Beginners Bible - Bible Beginnings #1 - Felt Book



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