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Moses And The Burning Bush

SCRIPTURES: Exodus 2:11-25,3.
AIM: We should be reverent toward God and listen for His instructions and training.
MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 95:6
THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND:Vol. 1, tape 9, stories 51-53

Moses Lives in Pharaoh's Pa;ace


Moses in Midian and the Burning Bush
When the child was large enough to leave his mother, Pharaoh's daughter took him into her own home in the palace. She named him Moses, a word that means "drawn out," because he was drawn out of the water.

So Moses, the Hebrew boy, lived in the palace among the nobles of the land as the son of the princess. There he learned much more than he could have learned among his own people for there were very wise teachers among the Egyptians. Moses gained all the knowledge the Egyptians had to give. There in the court of the cruel king who had made slaves of the Israelites, God's people, an Israelite boy grew up and would later set his people free.

Although Moses grew up among the Egyptians, he loved his own people. They were poor, hated slaves but he loved them because they served the Lord God while the Egyptians worshiped idols and animals. It was strange that wise people such as these should bow down and pray to an ox, or to a cat, or to a snake!

When Moses became a man, he joined his own people leaving the riches and ease he might have enjoyed with the Egyptians. He felt a call from God to lift up the Israelites and set them free but at that time he found he could do nothing to help them. They would not let him lead them; and since the king of Egypt had become his enemy, Moses went away from Egypt into a country in Arabia called Midian.

He was sitting by a well in that land, tired from his long journey,
  when he saw some young women come to draw water for their flocks of sheep. But some rough men came, drove the women away and took the water for their own flocks. Moses saw it and helped the women, drawing water for them.

These young women were sisters, the daughters of a man named Jethro, who was a priest in the land of Midian. He asked Moses to live with him and help him care for his flocks. Moses stayed with Jethro and married one of his daughters. So from being a prince in the king's palace in Egypt, Moses became a shepherd in the wilderness of Midian.

It must have been a great change for Moses, after he spent forty years in the palace as a prince, to go out into the wilderness of Midian and live as a shepherd. He left behind the crowded cities, the pyramids, the temples of Egypt, and the great Nile River. For forty years Moses wandered around Midian with his flocks, living alone, often sleeping on the ground and looking up by day to the great mountains.

He wore the rough skin mantle of a shepherd and in his hand was a long shepherd's staff. On his feet he wore sandals instead of shoes. But when he stood before an altar to worship God, he took off his sandals because the people of those lands take off their shoes as a sign of reverence in a sacred place.

Moses was a great man, one of the greatest men that ever lived. But he did not think himself great or wise. He was content with the work he was doing and was not ambitious. But God had . . .





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