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Bible Separates

Parts of the complete Bible Set offered separately!

These figures are included in the Deluxe Bible Set

Basic 3-Year Figures

This package is primarily for those that need to replace their existing figures or have a special need for the figures without flannelboards and a filing system. If you are new to felts click here to see our Deluxe Bible Set.


Item #






Basic Bible Figures Small -6.5" Ideal for smaller settings and for replacing lost figures or supplementing an existing set



Basic Bible Figures Large -12" Ideal for larger settings and for replacing lost figures or supplementing an existing set


Recommended Backgrounds: Small Figures (6")- Small Backgrounds, Large Figures (12") - Large Background

Adam & Eve / Noah's Ark Felt Figures

Explore the story of God's creation of Adam and Eve, and learn about their life with him in the Garden of Eden. In this set you'll also find the story of Noah's Ark and the great flood. #1204 comes only in large 12" figure size.

This set includes:

Noah's Ark, rainbow, animals, Adam & Eve

This is included in the Deluxe Bible Set


Adam & Eve-Noah's Ark-Large

Large -12" figures - three scenes (no small available)


Easter Felt Figures

The suffering of the Easter story unfolds in this set which culminates in the drama and joy of the resurrection. It is part of the 3- year Bible Set and the Story of Jesus and is offered to you separately here. It is shown using the meadow/sky flannelgraph. Sold separately.

This set includes:

Crucifixion & Resurrection

This is included in the Deluxe Bible Set



Small -6.5" figures -three scenes



Jesus Blessing the Children flannelgraph set

Jesus Blessing The Children Felt Figures

Jesus turns his attentions to the children in a scene that teaches young ones what a friend they have in him. The beautiful artwork includes trees, flowers, adults and children. It is shown above using water/sky flannelgraph with shoreline overlay and meadow overlay. Sold separately.

This set includes:

This is included in the Deluxe Bible Set


Jesus Blessing the Children-Small

Small -6.5" figures -three scenes



Jesus Blessing the Children-Large

Large -12" figures - three scenes


The Second Coming Felt Figures

The glory of the Second Coming is brought to life in the brilliant color of this flannelboard set. The saints are shown rising from their graves, along with others who are ready to ascend to Him. Be there as Jesus descends in a cloud of angels to meet them.

This set includes:

This is included in the Deluxe Bible Set


Second Coming-Large

Large -12" figures


Heaven, New Jerusalem, River  of Life and more!

Heaven Scene Felt Figures

Imagine the splendor of Heaven in this beautiful vision of the Holy City. Let the children arrange Jesus, the angels, people, animals and trees into their own idea of heaven.

This is included in the Deluxe Bible Set


Heaven Scene-Large

Large Heaven Scene - 12" figures


Bible Set Filing System

Instafinder type filing system for the Deluxe Bible Set

This system is perfect for organizing, retrieving and storing the felt figures for the 3-Year Bible Set and the Deluxe Bible Set. Each box is 18"X24' and is 2" deep and contains velour sheets with outlines and numbers that coordinate with the 175 lesson Manual. It makes managing 600 figures a breeze!

Note: These filing systems are compatible with Betty Lukens Instafinder and Little Folk Visuals Bible in Felt Sets.

Click here for plain storage boxes & sheets

This is included in the Deluxe Bible Set







Filing System- Small 

1 storage box with velour sheet and tabs for use with the Small Bible Figures



Filing System- Large 

2 storage boxes with velour sheet and tabs for use with the Large Bible Figures 



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