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For over five years we have been shipping our high-quality felts all over the world . . . Singapore, Ireland, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, and many more!

Shipping to other countries takes a little more time and care and the following are a few tips. We work hard to get you the exactly what you need using the safest carriers and best value.

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How to order international orders:
      • To place an order in the cart just enter in your country, only Canada needs to enter in "State" and "Postal Code", every other destination just needs to enter in the name of the country
      • Place the order normally with the shopping cart. Or call us or email us and we will call you (1-951-695-7440)
      • You can Skype us by clicking the icon: My status
      • Processing can take 4-10 business days to complete, shipping time is 2-3 weeks for Airmail.
      • FedEx international may be used at our discretion as an alternative to US Mail shipping methods if it is price competitive - call us for info. Note: We can ship to most of Asia for much less than US Postal Service with FedEx economy - email us at, Skype us or call us for a quote.

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Please read the following:

• We do not ship outside the continental US for free. International shipping can be quite expensive so it is best to order everything at once. For example, one item may cost $11 to ship, but three items do not cost $33, but probably $25. Likewise, the less expensive the item the more the shipping cost is as a proportion to the cost, i.e. it costs less to ship a $2,000 diamond, than a $200 felt set! It is not unusual for large items such as our Large Bible Sets to be over $100 to ship Airmail. If we have advanced notice we may ship FedEx to some countries.

Note: We are not responsible for any customs, transfer, duty or VAT charges, that is the responsibility of the customer. If you would like a box labeled a particular way (i.e."Educational Materials" etc.) just let us know and we will accommodate you as long as it is reasonably accurate.

Large mounted feltboards cannot be shipped overseas, but we carry all of the large feltboards unmounted, some countries do accommodate larger packages. The Large Bible Sets are shipped with unmounted backgrounds due to the size restrictions. Exceptions are Canada, Europe (not Russia), and Japan.

PLEASE NOTE: We have lost one package in 10 years in an overseas shipment and if insurance is not offered or is limited in coverage, The Felt Source assumes no risk of lost shipments or damage. If an order is lost and is insured, it may take up to 60 days before the Post Office begins tracking the problem and issues a refund on the shipment and may not be for the full amount.

It is important that you give us the right address, returned orders are the responsibility of the recipient if the address is wrong or does not accept the package. There may be charges for the return and the re-send.

International shipments almost always take longer, so be patient! We need 1-2 weeks to ship out and the Postal Service says takes 7-14 days, it has been our experience that it is usually 2 weeks.

If you use a consolidator or want an individual to carry your order, you still can get free shipping if the order is over $75 and the shipping destination is located in the continental US.

We only accept US Dollars for payment, either Credit Cards, Cashier's Checks (must be mailed by a guaranteed shipper), or checks drawn from a US Bank. We are not responsible for lost checks or currency conversion charges . To convert your currency to US Dollars click here. Note that some credit cards may take up to 10 business days to approve depending on your bank.

Contact us at for any other questions

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