Instructions & Tips For Using Your Felt Set

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Cutting Your Felt Set:

1. Use sharp scissors, with molded handles (click here for example)
2. If the felt is wrinkled iron it on the back side first using a cold setting
3. Rough cut the entire set first - just releasing it from the complete sheet
4. File the pieces numerically (for the Bible set) or sort as needed
5. Cut out the details of each figure as they are needed in the black lines around each figure
6. When cutting, keep all of the scrap until you are completed, as to not throw out any small pieces.

Care & Cleaning of your figures:

1. The dye in the figures is very durable and they can be washed with cold water and a mild detergent, such as Woolite.
2. Alternatively, they can be put in a hosiery bag in the washing machine, always using a completely cold cycle
3. Keep away from tapes or Velcro that can pill and pull the felt apart

Tips for using your set:

1. Remember that every detail of the story cannot be displayed on the felt board. Children (and teachers!) must also use their imaginations.
2. Don't be afraid to modify the stories to fit your class, curriculum or imagination
3. Practice the story ahead of time and the children will not lose focus as you find your place!
4. Always remember to focus on the purpose of the stories and not the details of the figures

a. Do not say:"Look at Noah's bright robe and his big beard"
b. Do say:"See how Noah obeyed God and went into the ark"

5. Note that the figures are often re-used in different stories, children sometimes notice this but be careful not to let it distract you from the story.
6. Select the figures that you need ahead of time to avoid confusion (see #3)
7. Have the backgrounds ready ahead of time
8. Often it helps to distribute the figures to the class and have them put them up as the story progresses.
9. Feel free to integrate other ideas into your stories, puppets, object lessons, etc.
10. Have Fun!
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