With technology, biometrics has evolved and found many uses majorly in the time management of employees. The greatest asset that companies have is its human resources. For this asset to be utilized to its full capacity, it is essential that they follow proper time management. This time management can be done through the use of a fingerprint clock which harnesses biometric technology. When time is properly managed, there are reduced losses associated with lateness, absenteeism and frequent absconding of duty. Here are more benefits of using this technology.

Improved Accuracy

The employee identity is captured accurately. One employee cannot stand in for another since clock machine will detect. During the installation and configuration of the finger time clock for employees, they are given biometric identifiers that are unique and passwords that are unique and not easy to transfer. The data stored should always match with those of the employee keying in.

finger scanner

Securing Entry and Exit Points in a Building

Companies have inventory and data that is of high value. If these are stolen, the loss might be colossal. It is vital that entry and exit points are monitored to ensure that employees are not up to something malicious. In the event of a loss, the management can go back to the system and trace those who were on the premises at that time.

Secondly, fingerprint time clock can also be used to gain access to the premise. Third parties who do not have access rights are denied entry. Any person who uses the fingerprint time clock will have his details taken by the company and a thorough background check done. This system is better than having identification badges which keep getting lost and being replaced. This constant replacement can seriously dent the profits of a company.

Integration With Other Internal Processes

The fingerprint time clock system can be integrated with other systems such as accounting and payroll. HR administrators do not need to obtain data manually to calculate wages and salaries. This can be through an interface.

Various operating systems enable biometric technology to be synchronized with other applications. The approval and review process of timesheets is done electronically reducing the time that managers spend on routine work. This time can then be spent on other productive work.

It is a One-Off Cost

Fingerprint time clock systems are easy to scale for organizations that are expanding. If new product lines and locations are added hence increase in the number of employees, the company does not need to add money so that the system is upgraded. The system can take as many employees as possible. This is unlike a lot of Enterprise Resources Planning tools that are upgraded when companies expand.

In conclusion, technology is fast changing the way business is done and fingerprint time clock system is here to stay.