Things to Do to Improve Employee Attendance

Absenteeism is one of the issues that arise in almost all the organizations. Organizations should have structures to deal with absenteeism since it affects the productivity of the company. If it is not efficiently managed, it may lead to massive losses by the company. Companies should work toward developing a system that will improve the whole process of employee attendance. For instance, installing a time clock software will help businesses accurately keep up with the attendance of the employees. This post highlights some of the strategies that the companies can apply to improve the attendance of the employees.


employees discussing Firstly, it is always important to put everything in black and white. As an employer, you have to state your expectations; the employees have to know what you expect from them. For example, if the reporting time is 8 am you should state it so that they can take note of it.

They should also be aware of your expectations when it comes to attendance and how absenteeism will affect the productivity of the company. You should, therefore, have a code of conduct which all employees should append their signatures.

Attendance Records

Always ensure that you have the attendance record of all the employees. This data should not just be left in its raw form; it needs to be analyzed from time to time. By analyzing the attendance record, you will come to learn about some trends. You are likely to establish with ease an employee who is notorious for absenteeism. You are, therefore, likely to address issues that arise from the initial stages before they become worse.

Clear Policy in Place

Having a clear policy in place will also help in enhancing employee’s attendance and help you in curbing absenteeism. Let your working staff note the consequences of absconding duty. You can introduce fines or even fail to pay them on the day they do not turn out for duty.

Also, bear in mind that an employee might have issues which might cause him not to attend to work regularly. Come up with an avenue that will help the employees bring up such issues or report to their seniors when they will not be around.


employees discussing Always make a follow-up with employees who abscond duty. They should explain in writing what made them abscond duty. This is important as you will put it in his file, which can help you with the analysis.

If the vice persists, you will know what punitive actions to take. This will also dissuade employees with such characters from deliberately absconding duty.


Benefits of Using a Finger Print Clock for Employees

With technology, biometrics has evolved and found many uses majorly in the time management of employees. The greatest asset that companies have is its human resources. For this asset to be utilized to its full capacity, it is essential that they follow proper time management. This time management can be done through the use of a fingerprint clock which harnesses biometric technology. When time is properly managed, there are reduced losses associated with lateness, absenteeism and frequent absconding of duty. Here are more benefits of using this technology.

Improved Accuracy

The employee identity is captured accurately. One employee cannot stand in for another since clock machine will detect. During the installation and configuration of the finger time clock for employees, they are given biometric identifiers that are unique and passwords that are unique and not easy to transfer. The data stored should always match with those of the employee keying in.

finger scanner

Securing Entry and Exit Points in a Building

Companies have inventory and data that is of high value. If these are stolen, the loss might be colossal. It is vital that entry and exit points are monitored to ensure that employees are not up to something malicious. In the event of a loss, the management can go back to the system and trace those who were on the premises at that time.

Secondly, fingerprint time clock can also be used to gain access to the premise. Third parties who do not have access rights are denied entry. Any person who uses the fingerprint time clock will have his details taken by the company and a thorough background check done. This system is better than having identification badges which keep getting lost and being replaced. This constant replacement can seriously dent the profits of a company.

Integration With Other Internal Processes

The fingerprint time clock system can be integrated with other systems such as accounting and payroll. HR administrators do not need to obtain data manually to calculate wages and salaries. This can be through an interface.

Various operating systems enable biometric technology to be synchronized with other applications. The approval and review process of timesheets is done electronically reducing the time that managers spend on routine work. This time can then be spent on other productive work.

It is a One-Off Cost

Fingerprint time clock systems are easy to scale for organizations that are expanding. If new product lines and locations are added hence increase in the number of employees, the company does not need to add money so that the system is upgraded. The system can take as many employees as possible. This is unlike a lot of Enterprise Resources Planning tools that are upgraded when companies expand.

In conclusion, technology is fast changing the way business is done and fingerprint time clock system is here to stay.


All About MP4 To DVD Video Conversion

MP4 video formats are among the most popular video formats today. This is attributed to the fact that this video format is compatible with most video players. If you have an MP$ video format that you would like to play on another device, the chances are that you might have to convert it to another format. If you want to play it on your DVD, you might be forced to convert it to a DVD format.

The MP4 format contains distinct data files with specific information. Some are video files, others sound, video playersand at times the subtitle information. As such, only devices with the ability to decode MP4 files can do that. As a result, burning an MP4 video file to DVD directly raises compatibility issues. This is attributed to the fact that MP4 files are stored as data files, which cannot be played on any DVD player. Thus, if you have some MP4 file that needs to be converted to DVD format, you need to know how to convert MP4 to DVD from, which is done by special video converters.

Conversion process

As earlier highlighted, video conversion processes are done by special applications. The conversion process is all about encoding MP4 files and decoding them to DVD. This achieved by special programs known as codec programs stored in converter software. Ideally, this implies that a video converter can decode the information, store it and transfer it to another format. A good video converter should in a position of finishing off the process and burn them to a DVD that is ready to use.

Video converters

videoIf you have ever tried converting a video from one format to another, you might be aware that there is a vast variety of video converters. Most converters in the market can comfortably handle MP$ to DVD conversation. If possible, you should go for a software that can offer much more by converting different video formats like AVI or even MKV.

If you are in the process of looking for a video conversion software, you will realize that most software has distinct offerings. In this regard, some video converters offer a lot more flexibility in adding effects to the converted video whereas others offer great performance. Thus, if you need a large volume converted in a few hours, you should use a software that offers high performance. Your main priority should not be the editing features.