Spy cameras play an integral role in modern life. Crime rates are at a record high, and people are going out of their way to ensure that they protect their assets from criminals. If you are shopping for a covert camera, then you will come across numerous options in the market. However, it’s worth noting that the cameras are not created equal. The options are too many that selecting a modern device becomes an extremely challenging task.

The pointers presented below will help you to make a sound decision when shopping for the best spy camera.

Power Source

You will come across a spy camera that is powered by batteries, while others are connected directly to electricity. Most people go for spy cams with rechargeable batteries because they remain operational for a few hours during a power blackout. However, you need to always ensure that the batteries are fully charged. Avoid spy cameras that are AC powered because they will be revealed because of the wiring.


B/W or Colored

Some spy cameras record colored pictures while others record in black and white. People tend to keep away from the camera that records in black and white because they are not as clear as video counterparts. If you want to get all the details of the video recording, go for colored spy cameras. With that in mind, it’s also worth noting that colored spy cameras might cost you a fortune.

Field of View

If possible, go for a camera that can record everything that happens around it. If your camera has a bigger field of view, then it will record everything that happens in your kid’s room and you won’t have to worry about getting others.


Nowadays, cams come with a 720 p resolution as standard. However, some cameras will give you a resolution above 720 p. Spy cams with a 720 p resolution are ideal for your case if you don’t have much to spend. However, if you have money to spend, then buy one with a 1080 p resolution.

Cloud Storage

Today, spy cams store their footage on the cloud or online. However, it’s worth noting that you are given a certain amount of free cloud storage to keep your videos. Before parting with your cash to buy a spy camera with cloud capabilities, discover how much cloud storage it offers and if it will be sufficient for your use.

Internet Connectivity

Your spy cam should be able to connect to the internet or run over WIFI. If your home or office has poor internet connectivity, then operating this kind of spy cam can prove to be next to impossible.


Privacy and Security

Make sure that your tiny spy camera cannot be accessed even by hackers because some of your information might land into the wrong hands. Most security firms give strong security and privacy, plus amazing encryption as well as secure cloud storage systems.

User Friendliness

The spy camera that you buy must be simple to use. Furthermore, the apps that you use to connect to it must be a breeze to use so that you don’t have a challenging time trying to connect to your device.